Our Roof Restoration Newcastle website was built specifically with the goal of putting Novacastrians in touch with quality roofing specialists. Often it can be difficult finding the right tradesmen for your job & circumstances, even more so working out if you can trust them or not. Our team of roofers have been selected as to eliminate this risk for you and save you time in finding the right people for your job.

Our roofers will happily come to your place and carry out an inspection of your roof and discuss your requirements with you. They know how to listen and hear what you have to say.

Our team of roofers have an abundance of experience and are selected based on a number of factors including;

  • Experience
  • Reputation
  • Specialities
  • Quality of Work
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Business Registrations
  • How well they run their business
  • Client Service Skills

The hard work has been done, rest assured the quality of the roofing contractor assigned to your job through this website is second to none.

If you’re in the Newcastle, Hunter, or Lake Macquarie regions look no further our team will provide a solution to any of your roofing needs.