About Us

Roof Restoration Newcastle is your point of contact for Newcastle’s finest roofing specialists. Our website represents a team of roofing contractors that independently operate their own businesses.

Our roof specialists have been carrying out roof repairs and roof restorations for many years and are very experienced in the Newcastle area.

Each specialist has been chosen for their work ethics, high quality of work, experience and pricing. Roof Restoration Newcastle roofers are required to be licensed, registered, and insured.

Why a Roof Restoration?

Refresh the look of your home and add value with a professional roof restoration. Your roof plays a major part in the aesthetics of your home and a poor looking roof will impact the looks of the rest of your home.


Our pricing is competitive and we offer obligation free quotes. It is typically very difficult to quote without inspection so we normally prefer to arrange a time to inspect your roof that is convenient to you.

The Process

After scheduling an appointment with you to inspect your roof, we will discuss your roofs condition with you. The objective is to make you aware of our findings and then offering you a solution that meets your needs and budget.


From your inquiry to roof inspection through to job completion can sometimes take time. As we have access to multiple roofers, we can eliminate any lengthy wait time by distributing work loads accordingly.

Most roof restoration jobs can be carried out in under a week, from start to finish. Of course we cannot control the weather and if poor weather is looming that may affect the quality of our work on your roof, we will postpone the job.

We value our clients and your business is important to us. Your inquiry will be taken by our customer service representative that will put you in touch with one of our specialist tradesmen.